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Mojosurf Surf Camp



Nestled on a palm fringed island in the Playground area of the Northern Mentawai Islands, this true surfing mecca is known for the diversity of quality breaks. Everyone from intermediate to surf professionals will thoroughly enjoy this experience of a lifetime and the warm, welcoming friendly atmosphere at the Mojosurf Mentawai Surf Camp.



The Mentawai Islands are approximately 150 kilometres off the coast of Sumatra. Siberut is the largest of the islands and we are located just below on Masokut Island. 

Mojo Surf Camp:

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One of the most wave rich destinations

in the world

The Mentawais are known for consistent swell and light winds, in warm waters, for the perfect surfing conditions. Daily boat transfers are available to lots of waves. Whether you’re natural or goofy, advanced beginner or the most experienced charger, there is the right wave for you.

Wave size

Waves vary in size from 2 to 12 foot with the average day being 3-5 ft. They can range anywhere from fun sized walls to awesome stand-up barrels, there are set-ups for everyone. Clean, head high waves going off under offshore winds are virtually guaranteed even if there is no obvious groundswell running.

Nipussy with a couple of friends out

Having a beer at 4 Bobs

Relax, Surf, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Mojosurf Camp Mentawais is located  on Masokut Island between the Pit Stop and Bank Vaults surf breaks in the Playgrounds area of the Mentawais.

With breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted, you can kick back and relax under a palm tree, watch the sunrise and get transported by boat to some of the best surf breaks in the world. There’s waves for all levels of surfer with plenty of surf breaks to choose from and some secret spots to show you too. Other fun activities include fishing or spear fishing and snorkelling with colourful reef fish and turtles to see. A tropical paradise.

Aerial view of Masokut island


Mojosurf  Surf Camp

Mojosurf have an epic island surf camp with dorm, doubles and bungalows built in traditional style. All creature comforts are available and the camp is a short walk from several world class waves. We are near of Ebay and Pitstops reef.

At Mojosurf Surf Camp Mentawais you will experience island life with lodge style accommodation. Rooms are comfortable share style accommodation and include fresh bedding provided every few days and a shared private bathroom.

Three meals a day are provided with Western and Indonesian dishes and breakfast dishes including banana pancakes, omelettes, toast and fresh fruit. Enjoy a fresh coconut, coffee, tea and Bintang beer to relax and enjoy while watching the waves, ready to go back out and surf!

There are also communal areas where you can sit and eat, relax in a rocking chair, play games or watch a movie.

Mojo surf camp and Playgrounds surf camp are on Masokut Island.

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Mojosurf Surf Camp Mentawais

Plenty of waves near the camps

Getting there:

When you organise your flight, make sure your flight the day before the public ferry leaves for the islands.
When you arrive in Padang  we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel where you will stay the night. 
Next morning we take the Ferry at 7.30am to the Mentawais.

Getting ready for the ferry

Awesome time!

Each night the Mojo boys will tee up where you want to surf the next day which makes it easier to meet up on different surf breaks. There are great breaks for the groms right through to advanced surfers. The boats are available to take you where ever the surf is happening.


We will all meet up on Snake Island for a lunch time get together along with many other activities and hang out sessions. 

Organising lunch on Snake Island

Improve your surfing


Mojosurf has a resident surf coach now. For those who would like to improve their surfing, he is going to be coaching with surf shots and video analysis every night. He is available every day to help out in the surf.  

Free Dive


Its a good skill to have to stay relaxed and confident in the surf when the swell gets big.

Mojosurf will be organising a group to go learn how to swim deep and learn breathing techniques for deep water diving with our resident free diver. 

Other activities


Bring a decent rod & reel and we'll take one of the boats and chase some big GT’s. Go spear fishing, trek through the jungle, meet the locals or check out the old tobacco and clove fields on top of the mountains. Or just crack a coconut and chill at the camp.



We've made sure that the surf camps have awesome food and good coffee. 

Fishing on Snake Island

Escape the crowd factor!


This allows for us to travel to more remote breaks with no crowds. All other boats will be set to leave after breakfast to surf breaks that suit your ability. Boats take 6 to 8 surfers and will be staggered to spread everyone out. The night before Mojosurf guides will work out where the best waves will be and coordinate groups for the next day.
Or just stay at the camp and surf out the front!

Morning Mojosurf boat

Morning surf session at Burger World

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Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the form below. If you are travelling by yourself or in a large group let Mojosurf organise your next hassle free epic Mentawais adventure!

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