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Yanto's Place, Mojosurf Mentawais


The ultimate surf adventure

At Mojosurf Camp Mentawais you will be immersed into the ultimate surf adventure. Experience real island culture while catching epic waves and living the surfers dream.

2019 Mentawais with Mojosurf
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One of the most wave rich destinations in the world

The Mentawais are known for consistent swell and light winds, in warm waters, for the perfect surfing conditions. Daily boat transfers are available to lots of breaks and a variety of waves. Whether you’re natural or goofy, advanced beginner or the most experienced charger, there is the perfcet wave for you.

Wave size

Waves vary in size from 2 to 12 foot with the average day being 3-5 ft. They can range anywhere from fun sized walls to awesome stand-up barrels, there are set-ups for everyone. Clean, head high waves going off under offshore winds are virtually guaranteed even if there is no obvious groundswell running.

Mentawais Map, Ebay Map, Nipussi Map, Mojosurf Camp Map

Mojosurf Camp is located right near Ebay surf break

How to find us?

Nyang Nyang Island

Mojosurf Camp Mentawais at Yanto's Place is located on Nyang Nyang Island. The camp is surrounded by the most epic surf breaks in Mentawais.

The Mentawai Islands are approximately 150 kilometres off the coast of Sumatra. Siberut is the largest of the islands and is the connecting port for fast boats. We are located just below on Nyang Nyang Island, the southern side of Masokut Island.

Mentawais How to get there, Padang Ferry, Kandui Map, Mojosurf Mentawais

Surf breaks near the camp

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